Tradition with the ALPA brand

logoIf we want to briefly introduce Alpa, it is necessary to say some words about its history because the ALPA brand and especially the embrocation of this brand have been an absolutely natural part of our life for more than 100 years.

It happened in 1805. Napoleon's soldiers were leaving Vienna, which was occupied at that time, and they left there several barrels of a drink featuring a strong and highly aromatic fragrance - French cognac. Viennese people preferring sweet wines did not become supporters of this French national speciality. But later on they discovered the pleasant feeling and refreshing effects associated with rubbing into the skin. Empty barrels were then used for preparation of alcohol extracts of various herbs according to their fantasy and started to call it "embrocation".

The embrocation under the ALPA brand was introduced to consumers for the first time already in 1913. The ALPA trademark was registered in the same year as well. Our company has been producing embrocation according to the original well-proven recipe for many years. Like the high quality of our embrocation, which is its well-known characteristic, also the package in which consumers can find their embrocation is typical.

The basis of the embrocation recipe is an alcoholic solution of essential oils, volatile oils, fragrance substances, herbs and natural menthol. The ALPA embrocation represents their optimum combination, which is a result of hard and sensitive work of the authors of our unique recipe. It is just this careful approach with a focus on high quality during the entire course of the production process that provides our embrocation with the characteristics making it possible to address also today's demanding consumers. This approach ensures especially disinfection and antiseptic effects, pleasant cooling effect, support of sound supply of the skin with blood, etc. The ALPA embrocation is intended mostly for external use, for rubbing into the skin, massages, as an additive to baths - both baths of the entire body and foot baths, it is also used for bandages and gargling or as a slight disinfection means.

The embrocation series is further extended with other products on a similar basis. These are especially massage creams, gels and emulsions. In the recent period, our brand has been sought for, always more and more often, by customers coming from foreign countries as well.

The history of the ALPA company is a story of a stable and prospering company. The popularity of the ALPA brand has persisted for tens of years. After the pre-war period of production in Brno, the plant moved to Velké Meziříčí in 1948. Its privatisation took place in 1994 and the ALPA company is a modern and prospective company today. The ownership of a traditional Czech brand and satisfaction of our customers lasting for more than 100 years are the most precious attributes of which the ALPA brand is always proud.


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